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New flights are incorporated from Vigo airport complementing the existing ones that will begin this December bridge until the end of September next year.

The company Air Nostrum already flies to Palma de Mallorca and Valencia. Soon other flights will begin either to Gran Canaria, Seville, Menorca, Lanzarote, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga, Ibiza, Alicante and Bilbao.

Iberia will continue with flights to Madrid and Barcelona. Ryan Air also flies to the latter city.

Air Europa flies to Madrid from Vigo and viceversa.

Binter Canarias operates a direct flight to Tenerife North and Gran Canaria and offers 3-day packs for those who wish to come and visit the city until March-

"O Avo" the twice centenary oak from Conxo has won the "Tree of the Year in Spain" contest by 22,974 votes and next year it will compete at European level.

This tree that Rosalía de Castro already named in her book "On the banks of the Sar". Being this area of ​​the Sar de Santiago de Compostela where "O Avo" is located. Specifically in the forest of the Banquete de Conxo. At the entrance of the Portuguese Pilgrimage Way.

"The sun warmed his gloomy cave,
pious the moon watched her sleep,
the wild tree gave him its fruits,
the source its waters of pleasant freshness.

Soon the sun's rays clouded over, 75
the moon in mists veiled his countenance,
the fountain dried up, and the tree denied him,
along with its shadow, its wild fruits ... "

This oak or quercus robur, which Rosalía called "National trees", is more than 30 meters high and has already withstood a fire.

On Saturday, November 20 at 8:30 p.m. the lights of Vigo are turned on, which will remain on until January 10.

With more than 11 million led lights spread over more than 300 streets and Christmas decorations such as a snowman, gift and Luminous castle, Christmas booths, etc. scattered throughout the city.

The capacity regarding the covid will be 3,500 people and from 4.30 p.m. the streets near the center will be closed: Paseo Alfonso XII, Colón, Puerta do Sol, Policarpo Sanz, Elduayen, Urzáiz to Gran Vía and streets close to them.

Where to find the main Christmas decorations?:

_ Christmas ball in the Urzáiz Lamppost.

 _Doll of luminous snow of 3 meters in Colón street.

_Christmas train  that circulated through much of the city.

_Tree Chritsmas located in Policarpo Sanz.

_Box of Giant Gift in Gran Vía.

_Castle Luminous in Policarpo Sanz also next to the giant tree.

_Ice track in the Náutico.

_Ramp Ice in the city center.

_Christmas and craftsman Market on Calvario street.

_Kart Track in Samil Beach next to another ice rink.

Also this year a large circus will be installed on Castelao Avenue. The performances will begin from December 4 to January 9.

There will be no shortage of the Christmas Market "Cies Market" in the Plaza de Compostela next to the giant Ferris wheel of past editions._Tren navideño que circularan por gran parte de la ciudad.




It has taken a dinosaur to enter the UN to request that the guidelines on climate change be adopted now and be fulfilled with a seriousness that we have not yet seen.

For those who will precede us and for a planet that is not ours, that has a life and regeneration that we are not allowing. 

We hope that we are at the moment when the principles and respect for the environment and the other animals that share this planet are already reflected in real measures and economic interests cease to be the priority at this COP26 summit. Do not wait until 2030 to make the necessary commitments to reach the zero emission target.

For as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, has already said: "If we do not act with determination, we are risking our last chance, literally, to change the course of things."

November 2021

Sinsal Outono 2021

29-2/11/21 Museo Marco, Vigo

Amancio Prada

3 /11/21 Sede Afundación de Pontevedra, Pontevedra

56th edition of the Beléns Contest Afundación

Juan Salvador Gaviota

5/11/21 Espacio Gran Via, Vigo

Gran Hotel de las Reinas

6-7/11/21  Auditorio Mar de Vigo, Vigo


 5/11/21 Auditorio Municipal de Vigo, Vigo


 13/11/21 Auditorio Mar de Vigo, Vigo

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Conference by Alfonso Rivera

17/11/21 Hotel Hesperia, Vigo, Vigo

IX Solidarity Race for Multiple Sclerosis