Daily Archives: November 27, 2021

"O Avo" the twice centenary oak from Conxo has won the "Tree of the Year in Spain" contest by 22,974 votes and next year it will compete at European level.

This tree that Rosalía de Castro already named in her book "On the banks of the Sar". Being this area of ​​the Sar de Santiago de Compostela where "O Avo" is located. Specifically in the forest of the Banquete de Conxo. At the entrance of the Portuguese Pilgrimage Way.

"The sun warmed his gloomy cave,
pious the moon watched her sleep,
the wild tree gave him its fruits,
the source its waters of pleasant freshness.

Soon the sun's rays clouded over, 75
the moon in mists veiled his countenance,
the fountain dried up, and the tree denied him,
along with its shadow, its wild fruits ... "

This oak or quercus robur, which Rosalía called "National trees", is more than 30 meters high and has already withstood a fire.