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In the city of Vigo, a municipal ordinance project has been approved for the use of personal mobility vehicles in which electric scooters are included, it is expected to come into force this year 2022.

Speed ​​limits

They will be different depending on the place where it circulates. Although in general it is 25 kilometers / hour it depends on the area where you travel. Thus on the bike lane the speed is 20 km / h and 25 km / h on the bus lane.

In certain areas of the city such as the Vella area of ​​the center or in the Historical Center of Bouzas it will be 10 km / h.

Minimum age

It is 15 years to drive a VMP or personal mobility vehicle.

Insurance and clothing

It will be mandatory to have civil liability insurance as well as to wear a helmet and reflective clothing.

Drag and merchandise

Dragging of other vehicles or animals is not allowed. As well as merchandise or objects that stand out from it.

Prohibition of the use of VMP

In certain areas of the city where it is particularly dangerous for both VMPs and other vehicles, the use of them is prohibited:

They are the streets of Castelao, Avenida Clara Campoamor, Avenida de Citroën, Arquitecto Palacios, Beiramar, central lanes of Avenida de Madrid and in Gran Vía, between Calle Venezuela and Plaza América.

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Parking lot

They can park in their own places designated for them or for bicycles.

They may not be chained to any element of urban furniture such as street lamps, posts, etc.

Circulation side

They must circulate on the right side of the hard shoulder destined for them as well as other vehicles in national territory and most European countries.

Two scooters will not be allowed to circulate in parallel or to drive with helmets or talking on the mobile.

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