Vigo recalls this weekend (7/8 April) the Reconquest of the city to the Napoleonic troops in 1809 by peasants and poorly armed citizens but with a strength and determination capable of the greatest deeds.

The celebration will be located in the old town, with food and clothing typical of the nineteenth century as well as theatrical performances and the symbolic demolition of the door of the villa in Gamboa Street On that occasion the English did not hesitate to send numerous soldiers and frigates to support them, thus achieving the expulsion of the Gauls. This year will be on 5th and 6th of May

Gesta mentioned in the British newspaper The Times (04/14/1809) that praised the role played in Vigo by the commanders of the Lively and Venus frigates: George Mckinley and Coutts Crawford, who fought alongside the bravery and loyalty of some countrymen without military training that with the greatest courage did not hesitate in the future and beat the largest army of that time.

Imagining that there is no fact made by those same people if they had been properly trained and armed. Qualifying to the vigueses of loyal and brave.

Sample of clothes they wore in the 19th century:

Without forgetting that on Thursday, April 5 the youngest will participate in the Reconquistiña in the ” Plaza de la Piedra”.

A Brincadeira is another part of this party in another place of Vigo: Bouzas