Cangas Beer Fest

5-8/08/21 Paseo Xardíns do Señal, Cangas 

Fiestas de la peregrina

 8/08/21 a 23/08/21 Pontevedra.

Enlivened by Gaiteiros (Os de Algures) Parades, storytellers such as Sabela e o paxaro maxico.

This year due to Covid there is a great offer of workshops, magicians and theater such as the baobab theatre company in the city parks.

Highlighting the performance of María do Ceo, fado singer on Saturday 8/8/21 in the plaza of A Ferraría

Jorge Dexler

10-11/08/21 Auditorio Mar de Vigo 


13-14/08/21 Auditorio Mar de Vigo

Tanxugueiras y Kiko Veneno

19/08/21 Auditorio Mar de Vigo


“4 Proxectos"

10-17/08/21  Museo Marco, Vigo