August 2020

Festival TerraCeo

Since 10/07/20 to 29/08/20 in the Auditorio Mar de Vigo. By Amaral, Coque Malla, M Clan, David Suárez, Kiko Veneno...

Stars on the way

Since 15 to 23/08/20 Gastronomic event. Santiago de Compostela

Summer Fashion: Camping and traveling in your own vehicle or caravan!

ABANCA Pantín Classic Galicia Pro

Since 15 to 23/08/20 Pantín Beach, Valdoviño



Documentary Portamérica is a story starring artists, cooks and collaborators who come to Puerto America every year such as Andoni Luis Aduriz, Vetusta Morla, Xoel López, Pepe Solla ...

While the Portamerica 2021 Festival already has its musicians poster prepared: