Volcanoes: The Gates of Hell?
A group of oceanographers depart from Vigo to study the impact of the Cumbre Vieja volcano


Concerts "No fin do mundo"

Held this summer in different Galician lighthouses combining a cultural, musical and intimate atmosphere.

New term of self-appointment to be immunized against covid

Open from today the 27th at 3:00 p.m.

Tlf express vaccination appointments

Book Day 2021

Exhibitions in Galicia and cancellations in the Cervantes Award


Cinema and opera cycle 2021


 Vialia Vigo

Vialia Center, bus station and Ave, next to leisure spaces, events, urban sports in Vigo

How to avoid being a covid patient
Recommendations for traveling and how to move in Spain.


New commercial  Pontevedrés platform

 Virtual race

Because there is no excuse for not to do sports

Lowering the AP-9 toll

The V Inclusive Film Festival 

New Virtual Museum 3D interactive Afundation

Opening with the exhibition: "The Sea in the art collections of Abanca and Afundación"

          World bicycle day

 Cyclists and pedestrians   

New areas reserved for cyclists for the sake of safeguarding the recommended safety distance.

            The universal  campaig that combines art and prevention.   

Coming from Ukraine, with good taste and magnificent "touch-ups" they manage to completely change the works of art ...


 Symbols of Vigo city

From the statue of Jules Verne to the Mermaid that guards the Plaza del Sol

Soldiers comes to help with the alarm state

They come to different Galician cities to help carry out the quarantine.


The flower without fragance

An unusual flower known and honored by many poets as Alexander Dumas throughout the centuries

Cancellations by Covid19

A new virus has come to stay with us...

Registration for the  Reconquista's representation 2020 

A new way to get around town just arrived

An award winning bridge over the ría of Vigo


 International Day of Working Women: Origin

Meco 2019

Carnivals 2019 Vigo awards, dates and information.

Carnival history

                                                     Festival :

                                        "Vigo City of Color"

Christmas and kids, Cavalcade of Kings 2019 in Vigo

                              From the pilgrimage and the legend of the knight of the shells

Jazz Festival 2018