Daily Archives: July 24, 2021

The 20th edition of Marisquiño 2021 is being prepared, which will be held again after the previous year's stop. Despite the limitations established due to Covid by the Xunta and endorsed by the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia that will limit leisure. Coming into force today from 00:00 hours and that consists of limiting meetings in closed spaces to 6 people and 10 outdoors or two living units. These measures will be reviewed on August 7, so it is not known how these or other measures will affect the Marisquiño21 that will be held from friday  6 until Sunday 8 of august. With limited capacity of 1124 person distributed among the different competitions. Being the descent to Casco Vello on Sunday 8 without public.

In this new edition there will be BMX, Skateboarding, 3 * 3 Basketball, MTB Downtown and Breaking tournaments.

In Skateboarding, participants such as:
Keet Oldenbeuving (Winner of OM19), Ivan Monteiro (Winner of OM19), Angelo Caro (Olympic in Tokyo 2020 and 3rd classified in OM19), Jorge Simoes (OM13 Winner and OM17 Runner-up).

Of course there will also be space for art, graffiti artists and muralists such as YOE 33, NEM 1977 and SEEK .

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