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The sixth edition of the Inclusive Film Festival is dedicated to the Galician director Xavier Bermúdez and incorporates a film session dedicated to equality in which Pedro Almodóvar's short "La voz humana" will be screened.

It will take place at the Marco Museum, Vigo Municipal Auditorium and Salesianos cinema. Held between October 12 and 16 of this year 2021.

The previous edition of the Inclusive Film Festival paid tribute to all health workers:

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Guided visits to the Pereiró de Vigo cemetery, inaugurated in 1898, will begin in October, where you can learn about funerary art and, at the same time, part of the history of Vigo. In addition, you will see the restored hearse from 1940, known as Doge Carnero and manufactured in the United States in 1937.

You can visit the Garden of Memory, firing squad, Civil and Catholic Cemetery, etc.

Visits close to the feast of all saints, Samain and Halloween will take place in October and November:

October: from 14 to 17, from 20 to 24 and from 26 to 28.
November: from 4 to 7 and from 10 to 14.

There are three shifts at the following times: 6:30 p.m., 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Registration is open weekly, every Monday from 9 in the morning.

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Environmental sensitivity

Nothing better than to educate and teach the new citizens of tomorrow about the damage of microplastics to the ecosystem. In this world in which economic values ​​seem to prevail over sustainable ones that have made this planet already begin to limp in health and need sanitation and cleaning of garbage or micro-plastics. Starting with the beaches and ending with the restrictions on large polluting factories.


The inauguration of the Vialia shopping center has attracted numerous visitors after years of waiting since the works began on November 5, 2019. The North American architect Thom Mayne was in charge of its design, who above all declares himself a "pragmatic Idealist" and He is a Pritzker Prize winner for the Caltrans Discritc 7 Headquarters located in California

Due to its architect, this station is different from many others or other shopping centers, standing out for its modern and innovative design with references to Jules Verne and the Nautilus.

On the outside it has spaces and recreation areas of about 23,000 square meters distributed in different thematic areas.

As well as more than 40,000 meters of commercial space, whether they are telephone stores, fashion brands, pets, decoration, sports, opticians, video games, jewelry, etc.  

Neither is missing cultural programming that includes Dance, Dj, monologues, poetry and Yelmo cinemas:

Oceanographers and marine geologists from the IEO (Spanish Institute of Oceanography) are arriving at Isla de las Palmas to study the eruption of the Cumbres Viejas volcano on the Ramón Margalef Oceanographic vessel based in the port of Vigo.

The beautiful island or island of La Palma is currently suffering the destruction of the lava rivers of the "Cumbre Vieja" volcano, which unfortunately is taking away many houses. Since 1971, when the Tenería volcano erupted, no volcanic activity was seen on the islands. On that occasion the eruption claimed a life due to the toxicity of the volcanic gases that it gave off.

Lava formatión in Tenerife

The eruption that most affected humanity so far was that of the Laki volcano in 1783, in Iceland, which not only caused the impoverishment, death and emigration of a large part of its inhabitants to America due to the cloud of ash, gas and sulfur it emitted killed cattle and poisoned their crops. It is estimated that the Laki volcano released 8 million tons of hydrogen fluoride and about 120 million tons of sulfur dioxide, affecting the temperature of the planet and especially the northern hemisphere. So that year it was said that there was no summer but "summer of sand" or "Haze of Laki" due to the amount of suspended particles that it left behind. Causing the impoverishment of many people also in other countries such as France, England, etc. by ruining the crops of that year.

Due to the overheating that it caused in the atmosphere, that summer was hotter than normal and later there was a cooling of the northern hemisphere of 3 degrees Celsius.

According to the studies of volcanologist experts, volcanic eruptions can reduce the planet's temperature because the gases and ashes they expel are retained in the stratosphere, preventing solar radiation from passing through.

Another eruption, that of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, in 2010, caused the closure of airports in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands due to the ash cloud that it released into the airspace.

Kerid volcanic crater over 3,000 years old.

Remember that the Icelandic government used to dealing with volcanic activity, because the island is on two tectonic plates that cause numerous eruptions, recommended to stay in the houses with the windows closed to the inhabitants of the island as long as possible. Especially children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems, and schools were closed for days. There they measure daily the amount of sulfur and toxic gases from volcanic eruptions as well as the wind direction in these cases to know when to resume normal activities.

Currently there are more than 60 active volcanoes in eruption such as Erebus (Antarctica) Great Sitkin (United States, Aleutian Islands) Fagradalsfjall (Iceland) Popocatépetl (Mexico), Erta Ale (Danakil depression, Ethiopia) Yasur (Tanna Island, Vanuatu ) or Karymsky (Kamchatka).

Map of currently active volcanoes


This Week, from September 16 to 22, the European Mobility Week is celebrated. Ecoloxistas en Acción and Greenpeace, have produced the Guide for the Implementation of Low Emission Zones in the streets of Vigo.

They request that there be more Low Emission Zones (ZBE) and less traffic in Vigo, one of the cities with the most noise and polluting emissions in Galicia due to the emission of gases by road traffic, whether they are cars, buses, trucks or motorcycles.

Aware of the changes that have to come due to climate change that the planet is enduring. They ask Abel Caballero, mayor of Vigo, to multiply his efforts in this management as also president of the FEMP (Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces) that he is.

This week activities will be carried out to make citizens aware of the need to move in a sustainable way, whether by bicycle, bus or on foot.

In Vigo a concentration will be held to request more green areas and less traffic. The City Council of Baiona will take a walk with pets. In Madrid city bikes will be free, etc.

Festival “Primavera do cine”

The 10th edition of the Primavera do Cine Festival, which has been held since 2015, is back.

From September 7 to 12. The films can be viewed at the Museo del Marco and at the Municipal Auditorium of the City Council.

The honorable mention of this year will go to Alberte Pagán (Carballes of the year 1965)

Galicia Critic Award in 2016 in the Cinema and Audiovisual Arts section

There will also be two free workshops:

_Trailer Project

_CinePaper Kinetic

Both on the 11th at the Auditorio do Concello de Vigo

The closing gala and awards ceremony will be on Sunday 12, presented by actress Déborah Vukusic.

Na fin do mundo

 Hand in hand with the "Na fin do Mundo" concerts included in the Xacobeo 2021 program that are being held in different Galician areas, comes the most anticipated concert starring Mikel Erentxun, opening the opening acts Russinha and Yoly Saa.

All of them in the intimate and welcoming atmosphere of the Galician lighthouses of Cervo, Ribeira, Muxia and Bayona. In which the local gastronomy will also play an important role.

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september 2021

Culture Festival Vigo 2021

3-4/09/21 Plaza de Compostela Vigo

POL 3.14

03/09/21 Terraza  Auditorio Mar de Vigo

Maldito Murphy

4/09/21 Terraza Auditorio Mar de Vigo

XIV Festival Alternativo Millo Verde

17-19/09/21 Playa Cesantes, Redondela.

Faemino y Cansado: 17 Veces

Teatro Afundación 24/09/21, Vigo

V Education Forum of Faro de Vigo

24 -25/09/21 Auditorio Mar de Vigo, Vigo.


25/09/21 Parque de Castrelos, Vigo.

Funzo & Baby Loud

18/09/21 Terraza Auditorio Mar de Vigo, Vigo

Nada Surf

26/09/21 Terraza Mar de Vigo, Vigo