Rosa Soliño Santos

"From here the project was born  to organize a race against cancer arose, where we could all participate and promote research"

Counselor and president race" Vigo Against Cancer"

Q_How was the idea of ​​this career in solidarity with the struggle and research of cancer and how were its beginnings born?

A_This initiative was born as a result of a situation experienced by one of the people that form the organization of Vigo Contra El Cáncer. After losing two close relatives because of this disease, he began to run to accompany a friend. Running helped him to think, to reflect on how he could have helped his family, how a cure could have been achieved in time; and the answer was in the investigation. She thought that we all had to do our bit, and that a good way was to do what she was doing: run, but do it in solidarity. Hence the project to organize a race against cancer, where we could all participate and promote research.

Q_ How has this career evolved over the years?

A_It is a race that has had a very good reception. It started as a project of three friends who knew nothing about careers, and for whom the success would be a participation of 600 people. Finally to the first edition attended 1000 runners, and since then it has been growing year after year. In this 2018 we hope to at least equal the number of participants of the V edition (more than 3,600) and, why not, overcome it.

Q_ Does the organization "Vigo against cancer" participate in any other project?

A_In addition to the race, with 10% of what we collected we carried out activities throughout the year with the oncology children of the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital: robotics classes, excursions, sports ...

Organizers of the "Vigo against cancer" race. From left to right: Guada, Rosa, Blanca, María.

Q_What other additional activities can you enjoy next to the race next to it?

A_The day of the race, in the area of ​​departure and arrival (the Coia volcanoes) there are free sports activities such as bodycombat, as well as music, information stands and others. Many people who can not run are coming that day to enjoy the morning.

Q_As part of the RUN RUN VIGO testing calendar, what scale of difficulty was rated by the comments or experiences commented in other years?

A_Nos have commented that it is a somewhat hard circuit, although it seems that it is not. In any case, it is suitable for all types of runners, and only, you can always participate in the non-competitive 5 km mode, in which miles of people make the journey on foot.

Q_ What advice did you give other people who are thinking of other initiatives to help fight this disease?

A_Lets we would say that if you want to help people, do not hesitate to carry it out. It's not easy, but it's worth it if you can contribute to a cause you trust.

Vigo, September 2018. By Ania Casal