Caravans are in fashion! After confinement, safe vacations are imposed. Whether in places with few inhabitants or traveling in the vehicle itself and what better if it is a caravan or motorhome (with its own motor or not) and allows you to carry out everything you need with you.

In Galicia there are many places to visit with their own charm:

_The Fragas Natural Park of the Eume river in the province of La Coruña where the Galician vegetation breaks through. Its abundant oak and chestnut forests coexist with many amphibians, foxes or hawks.

In it there are also two suspension bridges and the monasteries of Monfero and Caaveiro, the latter built to be a refuge for the anchorites who lived there in the 1st century and of which stays are still preserved.

_Thermal route in the Miño river. In the province of Orense there are several thermal stations: Muiño das Veigas, Outariz and Chavasqueira. The As Burgas thermal pool and the Tinteiro fountain. The Outariz and Chavasqueira hot springs have payment areas with a box office, while the others are public.

Its origin is given by the rain water that filters through the ground being heated by thermal sources and returning to the surface with a temperature that ranges between 60 and 66 degrees.

These waters are supposed to have healing properties for bone diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism. Similar to Icelandic geysers.

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_ Catedrales beach or Aguas Santas beach in the province of Lugo. This beach has sand corridors between shales or numerous rocky arches under which you can stroll at low tide. From its impressive appearance comes the nickname of Cathedral of the Sea. For some years, the daily quota of visitors has been restricted, being necessary to register in advance in order to visit them.

Another option this unusual summer of 2020, especially in places in central Spain or interior provinces where the absence of sea and heat induce new ideas, is the rental of private pools, to enjoy this summer safely.

Other places to visit in Galicia ...