The PXOM or Municipal Planning Xeral of Vigo will be approved today in parliament without opposition since without significant opposition  although the PP voted against it has a majority of 20 councilors. With what is expected to build new buildings that respect the environment, green areas and gardens to live in green spaces and areas where you can walk and breathe fresh air.

It is also planned to build more than a hundred houses with green areas in the Cordelerías Mar area, hoping to revitalize the city in this way and respecting the existing trees, allowing them to grow without the abusive pruning that they carried out before and that left mere stumps adorning the streets.

In the streets of Marqués de Valladares, Serafín Avendaño, the Canceleiro area, tombs and other historical remains have been found, so the General Directorate of Heritage decided to paralyze the works that were being done to be able to document and then protect the areas awaiting approval joint of the Xunta.

The pedestrianization of Puerta del Sol by creating an underground tunnel for cars to circulate in the center of Vigo has been one more bet to provide the city with promenades and areas without pollution.

Likewise, the Hotel Samil is being built in harmony and respecting the height and beauty of the coastal area in which it is located.

The City of Justice that has endowed the old Xeral Hospital with a new and modern architecture in which its white color stands out instead of the green it used to look like.

Vialia today

Without forgetting the Vialia center, which is expected to be completed at the end of next September. It will provide the city center with new services and numerous shops. In addition to being the welcome to tourists who arrive via Renfe, it is built on top of the Urzaiz train station with a modern and elegant design.