The customs to welcome the new year are celebrated very differently depending on the country taking into account the type of calendar they use:

_According to the Gregorian calendar that is the one that is followed in the West, it begins to be counted from the birth of Jesus and according to the countries it is celebrated differently:

While in Spain the year begins eating 12 grapes with the corresponding bells. In addition to wearing red garments of red, custom increasingly established in various countries.

In Italy the entry of new year or "La notte di San Silvestro" is celebrated by eating lentils.

Just as in Greece you play betting money to start the year with good economic predictions.

In many cities in Canada, the year begins with a cold dip in the icy water of lakes or rivers. What is called: "Polar bear swim".

In Iceland the beginning of the year is celebrated with fires that last all night and with large fires that symbolically clean all the bad things of the previous year.

In Japan, seibo are delivered, gifts chosen for those who received help that year by delivering letters of new year's greetings.

_According to the Buddhist calendar, the year begins on February 3. While in Tibet it is February 18 corresponding to its year 2563. One of its great celebrations depending on the type of Buddhism is the Tam Boom ritual that consists of visiting temples, donating money and food.

_According to the Hebrew calendar the year 5781 Jewish corresponds to the Gregorian 2020 and begins on September 18 with the "Touch of the Shofar" beginning with meditation, self-analysis and meals with "challah" which is a type of braided bread in addition to apples dipped in honey and fish.

_According to the Chinese calendar, the new year 2020 corresponds to the "year of the rat" beginning on January 25 (first day of the first lunar month). Celebrating with the great migration of spring when everyone returns to their place of origin to celebrate with their friends and family.

_According to the Muslim calendar is based on lunar cycles of 30 years the year 2020 corresponds to the year 1441 of the Muslim era, on August 19 in this year and they celebrate it with great meals.