After the war started by Putin against Ukraine, most of the countries of the European Union as well as the USA have condemned this action proceeding to blockade the Russian country economically and politically by air.

The UN Human Rights Council more than 140 diplomats refused to hear Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov justify an unacceptable military aggression.

Unanimously leaving the Council Chamber

The Ukrainian people are bravely defending themselves by showing how incredible human beings are in exceptional circumstances.

After the first week of bombing Ukraine and already in Russian power the Zaporizhia nuclear plant, the largest nuclear plant in Europe, from which 5 of its 6 reactors have been disconnected. The director of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) Rafael Mariano Rossi gave a conference on risk and safety at the plant, offering to review the situation on site himself, reassuring about the current radiation levels and the commitment of all the countries of not damage it