Just as the Corona virus has all countries in check, Smallpox (a serious infectious disease) did it centuries ago ravaging humanity.

A disease without asymptomatic because all those infected showed large welts after a few days, which allowed them to be detected and isolated, as well as their contacts. It left 30% with sequelae such as blindness or sterility and another 30% perished.

Thanks to the inoculation of a similar variety: bovine pox was able to immunize the population. So until it was eradicated in 1977 thanks to Edward Jenner, who discovered the vaccine.

However, like the Europeans before, they had brought the disease to America and indigenous peoples, Aztecs suffered it ... Now they proposed to bring the vaccine and help eradicate the disease in America but they could not carry it due to the long duration of the boat trip . Until they came up with the idea of ​​carrying the vaccine into people on a human chain. Thus, 22 children from the Coruña orphanage were the "recipients" of that vaccine in charge of keeping it alive until it reached America and from there to the Philippines and China in the so-called "Balmis Expedition." On a journey that only the norms and ethics of other times would allow to be carried out. Testimony and homage to this, the names and ages of these children have been inscribed on a balcony of the Casa del Hombre, Domus de la Coruña.

Other devastating diseases, already overcome, were the Spanish Flu, the Plague of Justinian, the Russian Plague or the Bubonic Plague.