The electric scooters belonging to the group of Personal Mobility Vehicles (as well as electric bicycles, hoverboard and segway) have arrived in Vigo from the hand of the Madrid company Buny that have made a provision of any user who wants to download their application to activate them.

With it you can rent and move freely around the city. However, months after finishing the bike lane, they mix with the walkers who, in the absence of turn signals and turning each one towards their destination, can be rammed by these stealthy vehicles,

Their regulation is expected to arrive soon before more accidents occur. This has been done by other cities such as Seville in which on October 14 has published in the BOP the regulations that prohibit unicycles, segway, hoverboard and electric scooters on public roads with fines ranging from € 50 to € 400 if they circulate on the sidewalk having to do it on the bike path.

Another example is Valencia in which it is already regulated since June 8 of this year 2019 and indicates preferred places where they have to circulate and speed that they must follow in each of them from 20km. 10 km. and classifying personal mobility vehicles (VMP) not allowing in any case to travel on the sidewalks.

The DGT will prohibit the transit and parking on the sidewalk for it has prepared a reform of the standard that is expected to approve soon.