According to health authorities, surgical masks only serve to protect others from diseases or viruses that we can pass to others.

However, there are different masks that can defend us against viruses or toxic gases. According to the European regulations  UNE-EN149 are the masks that have filters FFP2 and FFP3 (Filtering Face Piece) with a level of protection of 92% and 99% respectively. Protecting from viruses such as Chickenpox, Measles, Coronavirus, Tuberculosis, Influenza A etc. Obviously they must be complemented with the use of gloves (nitrile without dust), hand washing, glasses and appropriate gowns.

With disposable masks that are supposed to last up to 3 days, it is recommended to put them on properly and throw it away after use. The ones that have a valve help not to accumulate humidity inside.

Today the WHO does not recommend using them but is at risk of infection or the disease is not to infect others. Only professionals who care for these patients as the CGCOM reaffirms:

Click here to see the indications of the General Council of Official Medical Associations of Spain (CGCOM) regarding COVID19

The World Health Organization WHO recommends:

_Don’t stay long in crowded places.

_ Stay away from people with symptoms such as cough or fever

_ It is recommended to wash your hands several times a day with soap or gel with hydro alcohol for at least 20 seconds.

_ Do not say hello with your hand or kisses and if you have to cough, do it by covering yourself with your elbow and not with your hand.

_ Wear a mask if you can spread it to others or in places of risk or from previous cardiorespiratory diseases.

_Do not touch your face with your hands.

For more questions, the telephone number 061 or 900400116  is available.

Click on this link to access the official WHO website

Today they are sold out in pharmacies or hardware stores due to Covid 19, with only a few units being found in places of sale such as Amazon, eBay, etc.


_ European regulations: UNE- EN149

_General Council of Official Medical Associations of Spain (CGCOM)

_World Health Organization (WHO)