Further improvements are planned at the Vigo zoo. Joining those who currently move in respect and consideration for other animals that belong to them.

Zoo de Vigo

It is planned to make the zoo a recovery and research center. With the development of an environmental education program and camps. Like the zoo in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, ​​both still in transition to that ecozoo model. And in which reproduction is no longer promoted so that their descendants do not continue to live in freedom but only those who can live in freedom and their repopulation is demanded because they are endangered species.

The animals that are there now will remain those that cannot move and the others will be transferred to sanctuaries.

The ideal or sought-after type of zoo was more similar to the existing reserves in Spain, such as the "Castle of the Guards" in the province of Seville in which animals live in semi-freedom in large areas of land or the reserve of " Marcelle Natureza "in which animals also live in this semi-freedom regime and where the animals they have come from other zoos or recovery or rescue centers but never hunted free to deprive them of it. It also collaborates with captive breeding programs of threatened species.

Castillo de las Guardias